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    Progetti di Ricerca

    La sezione ospita i progetti di ricerca a carattere regionale, nazionale e internazionale del Dipartimento, nonché altre attività di ricerca svolte in collaborazione con Università o istituzioni pubbliche o private.



    Bioderecho y Administración: Régimen Jurídico de la Ética y de los Derechos Fundamentales en las Políticas y Servicios Públicos



    E-salud y autonomía del paciente vulnerable a la luz del Bioderecho



    Boosting Compentences in Penitentiary Staff /Rafforzare le Competenze del Personale Penitenziario

    Acronym:   B-ComPetent

    Type of Action: Justice -AG- 2018 (European Commission)

    The 2 years B-Competent project of 6 intersectoral partners of 3 countries is aimed at building capacity of prison civilian front-line staff through the acquisition of specific competencies related to human rights protection with focus on foreign inmates’ special needs and rights, in line with the EU and international law. The innovative B-Competent crossborder train-the-trainers programme will provide trainers with multidisciplinary skills to prevent radicalisation and enhance dynamic security in prisons.


    Protecting HUman SEcurity with non-state-actors in the MARitime and CYber SPAce


    TYPE OF ACTION: VALERE: VAnviteLli pEr la RicErca

    HUMARCYSPASE aims to investigate the evolving role of non-state-actors in relation to human security in the maritime and cyber space. Both spaces are perceived as common goods that are crucial for the progress, growth and prosperity of all humans. From a different but still relevant perspective, since both spaces are open and universally accessible, they have become a prime breeding ground for cross-border and multifaceted threats which undermine the business, but also the fundamental rights and freedoms of humans navigating along maritime- and cyber- routes. The fact that both spaces are free and borderless by nature explains why the project focuses on the role of NSAs; whereas public authorities hardly exercise sovereign powers in areas falling outside State jurisdiction, armed on-board guards, rescue NGOs, search-engine providers and social platforms are all gaining a growing importance in protecting HS. Yet, the new scenario is not problem free, especially in terms of responsibility, and deserves great attention. 

    Humarcy_NET includes academics, professionals and stakeholders dealing with human security in navigable spaces. Here you find the current members. Should you be interested in joining Humarcy_NET, please contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..
    RESEARCH UNIT: Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli: Giorgia Bevilacqua (Principal investigator), Maria Chiara Vitucci, Roberta Catalano, Francesco Schettino, Gianvito Brindisi, Ilaria Infante, Michele Mastroianni and Giuliana Doria - University Goce Delcev–Stip: Ana Nikodinovska and Olga Gurkova.

    HUMARCYSPASE products:


    HUMARCYSPASE is a 12 months research project (September 2020 – September 2021).


    TITOLO: The use of AI neural networks in the fight against corporate crimes


    TYPE OF ACTION: VALERE: VAnviteLli pEr la RicErca

     At the dawn of the fifth industrial revolution, the expanding use of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) it shows how these tools are particularly successful in preventing and addressing crimes. The purpose of this research project is double: on one side the research is aimed at studying the possible application of these new tools into the risk assessment’s process that has to be performed by the companies to avoid crimes like corruption, money laundering and criminal association (mafia-type offences), crimes that are settle down by the Italian legal framework (Legislative Decree n. 231/2001) as predicate offences of the company’s liability. New AI tools might be developed and used to consolidate more practical and effective Compliance Models and to enhance the Internal Control System in order ensure the fairness and therefore the legality of the company. On the other side, it is important to verify that these new instruments are compliant with the principles of the legal system, the criminal law’s requirements and also with regulation established by international bodies, that usually is set out as soft law.

    RESEARCH UNIT: Università degli Studi della Campania L. Vanvitelli: Federica De Simone  (Principal Investigator); Giuliano Balbi; Stefano Manacorda; Andreana Esposito; Marco Colacurci; Emanuela Ianniciello; Maria Lucia Pezone; Chiara Pistilli; Caterina Scialla.

    AI.CO.CRI. 5.0 is a 12 months research project (September 2020 – September 2021).


    SELECT-StrEnghten Lay and honorary judges European CompeTencies


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